After Sales Services

Competence Center

A specially authorized Competence Technical Service unit can be established to provide you benchmarking KPIs or we can support you to improve care operations.

A specially authorized technical service unit is established and managed to boost your aftermarket service network quality.

By the feedback from competence center, you obtain data and parameters for your products and service network.

It reports the problems involved at that point to the R&D division and the parameters of this point serve as a benchmark when your service network suppliers are compared.

DOA & BER & Refurbishment Center

Providing a fast and efficient solution to you and your dealers for – Dead On Arrival- products Refurbishment services are performed according to manufacturer criteria to reuse of device

We managed DOA products handling process according to your product return policies and we as a independent body ensure your DOA process is smooth, quick and efficient

We manage BER processes on behalf of you for the equipment is no longer able to complete its function within stipulated time and is considered un-economical to regain the level of reliability. By managing BER processes we deliver you financial and operational benefits

With our refurbishment Center service we optimize your cost and facilitate your operation by fully meeting your requirement

Technical Support

Technical knowledge and experience during establishment and development of optimum service.

We provide technical knowledge and experience during establishment and development of optimum service. We also offer online classroom and field training s and we provide equipment and product support service.

We also offer help desk services to respond to the consumers willing to get information about products and services

Localization and translation of technical documentation like service manuals, spare part catalogues.

Repair & Performance Management

A whole pack for Front-End and Back-End Care Network includes training, technical support, claim payment, performance analyzing, KPI monitoring, audit and logistic sub processes.

Training, technical support, progress payment, audit and logistic processes are all managed for the manufacturer as a whole pack of aftersales services. We offer highly qualified human resources with an in-depth market knowledge for those present or future clients based or willing to make business in Turkey.

VOC- Satisfaction Research

Measurement of satisfaction and loyalty of your consumers, its analysis and the on-line submission of research report

Customer Relationship Management

It's one of our top services which we design an integral system to define the processes for collecting and addressing client complaints and to correct errors that one comes across during a problem-solving and to distribute the work load evenly.

Customer Satisfaction Research

Our service encompasses the measurement of the satisfaction and loyalty that the employer's internal and external clients feel, its analysis and the on-line submission of research report. The fact that these services are provided by an impartial supplier enhances the confidence and accuracy of the study. The research report outlines main improvement areas in various categories in order to enhance the client satisfaction .